Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions.  If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please get in touch with us via the enquiry form.


What is a Virtual Consultant?

A Virtual Consultant works from their own office to support and provide the guidance you require to keep your project or business organised.

We are agents of your success!

Administrative Consultants are THE Administrative Experts! We specialize in providing you with the right-hand administrative support and guidance you need to keep your business organized, humming along smoothly and moving forward.

Used with permission from the Administrative Consultants Association

How can we help and what are the benefits of contracting Virtualness?

Collaborating with Virtualness brings many benefits.  We are based in Sydney, Australia, we strive to treat our clients with the utmost respect and professionalism at all times.  As perfectionists, we take pride in completing our work at an exceptionally high-level.

We can help your business with:

  • Administration Support
  • Project Support
  • Power Diary Setup
  • Content Creation
  • Website Creation

Benefits include:

  • Feeling a sense of trust that we take pride in completing all our work and ensure we cohere with your business aims and missions
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased focus on more specialised tasks
  • Working efficiently at lesser costs
  • Increased focus on core operations of the business
  • Helping you grow your business!

What is the process to contract Virtualness?

We aim to make this process as simple as possible for our clients.

To contract Virtualness please follow these steps:

  1.  Complete the “Schedule a Consultation” form on our website.
  2. Once you submit the contact form, we’ll send you an email invitation to schedule a 30-minute video call via our bookings system. During the call, we’ll discuss how we can collaborate to support your business.
  3.  Should you choose to go ahead, relevant paperwork and an invoice will be sent to you.  To ensure our clients have secured hours throughout the month, we require payment in full prior to commencement of service.
  4.  Once all paperwork has been signed and payment is received, we commence supporting your business!

Admin & Project Support

How do we assign tasks to Virtualness for completion?

We generally communicate with our clients via email and outline all relevant tasks.  Telephone calls and video meetings are available via appointment only.

Clients are provided access to their project list task tracker where they can access task progress updates.

The client is responsible for providing Virtualness with an adequate number of tasks for each package. Should the hours not be filled with any package, Virtualness does not offer refunds or roll-overs into the next month.

What is the definition of a one (1) month package?

A one (1) month Business Services package represents four (4) weeks with hours allocated per week as per package purchased.  A specific outline of dates will be provided to clients once the paperwork has been signed and we receive payment.

Working hours per week will depend on your choice of package.

Power Diary Setup

What is the timeframe for setting up Power Diary?

Virtualness strive to set up your system within a two-week timeframe.  To accomplish this, we need all relevant information from you prior to the start date.  Any delays in receiving this information may result in a longer setup time.

I am ready to proceed; what are the steps?

We offer a free initial consultation to provide information on this service and how we can support you with the software setup.  After the consultation, we will send you the necessary forms, invoice and contract via email.  Once you have signed, paid the deposit and confirmed your start date, you may book an appointment for a Zoom strategy plan meeting.

What is the payment process for the service?

A 50% deposit fee is required when signing the contract.  The balance is due immediately upon completion of the Power Diary setup service.

We accept EFT or Stripe payments.

Can you provide a demo walk-through before setting up our Power Diary?

We are sorry, but we do not provide demo walk-throughs; however, Power Diary offers free live demo webinars.  We encourage you to register if you would like to see how the software works in practice and ask any questions you may have.  Click here for more information.

Do you provide support after the setup?

We do not offer support after the setup and handover.  However, we provide handover training and a quick reference guide resource page incorporated in the practice health operations manual.

Please refer to the Power Diary ‘Support’ menu for software support options.

Website Creation

How long will it take for my website to go live?

Website design turnaround is approximately four (4) – six (6) weeks from the time of access to your site and/or hosting has been granted. This time frame is an estimate based on the timely return of emails and the timely receipt of additional images and content that may be requested by the Client. Delays in receiving information or replies to emails from the Client may result in time frame delays.

Can I make changes to my website once it is published?

Yes, once we created your website we will provide a handover and training on how to make changes to your website!

Do you provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for my website?

Virtualness are not SEO consultants and do not guarantee first-page Google results with our website creation; however, we provide on-page SEO, including page title and meta description.

This includes:

  • Keyword analysis to help you identify the most relevant keywords. (We recommend when writing your web copy, you choose keywords and naturally use them throughout relevant pages)
  • Optimise the page title and meta description
  • Interlink between each page
  • Apply keywords to images


Is email setup included with my website?

We do not include email setup.  However, your WordPress hosts may include email hosting and instructions on how to set up your emails.  We can help link the email to your website contact forms.

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